The Cockburn Story: documentary highlights area’s role in shaping Perth

The Cockburn Story: documentary highlights area’s role in shaping Perth

A NEW documentary has been produced to highlight the best Cockburn has to offer.

The Cockburn Story is the work of Lee Tate, a journalist, speaker, author and radio broadcaster now living in Munster.

Mr Tate moved to the area two years ago and said he was blown away by what the City had to offer.

“For generations, Cockburn has been overshadowed by Fremantle … but Cockburn is central to WA’s evolution,” he said.

“Cockburn’s role was crucial for the founding fathers and for helping feed and foster the new colony.

“Today, Cockburn is Australia’s defence, submarine and shipbuilding base on the west coast.

“It is also a significant wildlife area for protected species. What other suburban region has pristine coast and wetlands?”

Mr Tate said the thousands of tourists that passed through each year or stay at the local holiday parks were largely unaware of the area’s history.

“Cockburn, as a destination, is not on maps in the same way as Rockingham, Mandurah or the Swan Valley,” he said.

“Few locals know the full Cockburn picture, either.”

Mr Tate said he wanted his documentary to add to the debate about how one of WA’s fastest-developing regions could best display what it had now and would have in the future.

City of Cockburn said it would have a bigger role in attracting tourists in the future and Mayor Logan Howlett recently told the Gazette tourism was becoming a more “substantial feature of Cockburn’s economy”.

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