The importance of literacy on show

Josephine Bacon entertains. Picture: Elle Borgward d406107
Josephine Bacon entertains. Picture: Elle Borgward d406107

The edu-tainer prepared shows for kindergarten and pre-primary-aged kids, incorporating the theme ‘the universe and beyond’.

Ms Bacon said she incorporated singing, dancing, storytelling, numbers and colour to keep her shows fresh and fun.

‘I love Australia because people are passionate about the importance of literacy. They understand that without being able to read, life would be incredibly difficult,’ she said.

‘I love that libraries embrace their authors and invite them to visit their libraries and in so doing young fledgling writers may be born. I love that parents and children have a place to go and spend time together not only with each other but with other families in the area, building a community and a sense of belonging.’

The 10-year performer is currently in the process of sending out a television pilot to stations in Perth. The show is based on her book, Hooray for Goggles.