Threat from Roe 8 group

Save Beeliar Wetlands supporters have threatened civil action.
Save Beeliar Wetlands supporters have threatened civil action.

Kate Kelly, a campaigner with The Save Beeliar Wetlands group, said those against the proposed carriageway were not about to lie down following years of campaigning against the build.

‘Any threat to the wetland, its birds and wildlife will be met with widespread civil disobedience,’ she said.

‘Any private developer hoping to build this tollway should prepare themselves, as in such circumstances ordinary citizens are willing to take extraordinary actions.’

Murdoch University professor Phil Jennings was a protester against the building of Farrington Road in 1984 and said Roe 8 would face similar protests when construction starts.

‘The road isn’t necessary. It will just move cars from where they are now onto Stock Road, and there’s no guarantee that truckers will use the toll road unless it’s there in the legislation,’ he said.

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett described the Federal Government’s decision to commit to extending Roe Highway through Beeliar Wetlands as ‘utter disregard for the environment’.

The extension, set to be WA’s first toll road, was given conditional approval by the Environmental Protection Authority in September.

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey, a long-time backer of the project, was asked for his response to the threats, but was not able to respond before the Gazette went to print.

More than 160 appeals were made following the EPA’s decision, drawing out the approval process.

A spokeswoman for the Appeals Convenor said a report could be ready for consideration sometime next month.

With the review ongoing, Mr Howlett said the Federal Government’s announcement abused the appeal process and was disrespectful to those who had submitted an appeal.

The Federal Government is yet to announce the exact amount it will commit to the four-lane dual carriageway extension from Kwinana Freeway to Stock Road.