Toilet talk delaying bar consideration

Despite numerous attempts to get it back up and running, Kidogo Arthouse director Joanna Robertson says the City of Fremantle continue to stall it.

Ms Robertson said for the bar to become a permanent fixture, toilets needed to be built there.

‘To be able to apply for any liquor licence, toilets have to be provided inside the licensed area for the exclusive use of the patrons, so five new toilets need to be built,’ she said.

Ms Robertson said the heritage council representatives and the Fremantle mayor were unable to agree on where the toilets should be placed, which was stopping the planning application from going ahead, despite the City agreeing to give in-principle support to the proposal in August.

‘I think Fremantle needs a beach bar, not a flash, interior decorator’s concept, but something run by artists and their funky friends,’ she said.

‘I think my problem is that I have been listening too much to what heritage, professional architects and designers and the community likes and have created designs around their advice and haven’t fully understood the City of Fremantle’s views.

‘Yes, they have spent a lot of money beautifying the area, but the amount of land that would be required for the toilets and the amount of view that would be obscured is minuscule in comparison to the massive effect this very small building will have on the area.’

Locals and those who were fans of the short-lived pop-up bar have taken to Kidogo’s Facebook page, voicing their disapproval at how long it was taking to get the project back up again.

Fremantle corporate services director Glen Dougall said the City was considering the proposal to modify the building.

‘As the owner under the lease, the City must approve any modifications prior to the applicant submitting a request for development,’ he said.

Mr Dougall said the council as tenant was considering the development’s suitability.