Town hall repairs need funds flood

A conservation management strategy had been drawn up to help guide the City in refurbishment work on the 128-year-old building, which has been deteriorating since the last major works 30 years ago.

It gave council a costed list of things that needed to be done to conserve the heritage-listed building, including redesigning the roof drainage system, replacing mid-century roof tiles and reinstating the slate roof cladding and decorative cast-iron finials to the turrets and mansard roof.

The report recommended the cheapest option would be to carry out all external work as one project at an estimated cost of $2.8 million, but the City only has $2 million set aside in its Fremantle Town Hall Refurbishment Reserve.

Council will decide tomorrow whether it will agree with officers� recommendations to break the project into three stages: the roof, the tower and the William and High Street facades.

The recommendation asks the City allocate $1.6 million of the refurbishment reserve to the 2015/16 budget for the roof replacement as stage one of the conservation works.

They will also decide whether to set aside $140,000 of the reserve for consultation fees ahead of stage two, which will involve the hall�s tower and facades.