Town of East Fremantle set to increase rates but at a lower rate than advertised

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EAST Fremantle residents will have a 2.4 per cent rate increase instead of an advertised three per cent rate increase.

East Fremantle council initially advertised the original increase, but at their last meeting settled on an alternative motion introduced by Mayor Jim O’Neill to lower the figure.

Councillors endorsed the higher increase in April and no public submissions were received regarding the rates change.

Mayor O’Neill said there were a few reasons for the change.

“These are difficult economic circumstances facing individuals, families and business,” he said.

“In regards to the major capital projects, realistically most of those will require additional funding until that is firmed up this rate increase won’t impact that.”

Councillor Cliff Collinson said he was against the changes because the economy could be worse in a couple of years.

“The compounding effect will be quite huge,” he said.

Other councillors said they were sitting on the fence about the issue but voted to support the motion.

In the current model there would be a change of $39,000 to rate revenue.

The proposed minimal payment for residents would be $1,106 and for commercial properties $1,654.