Traffic plan required

An aerial view of the new estate.
An aerial view of the new estate.

The Cockburn City Council received a number of submissions from the public after it asked for public comment on a structure plan to guide the Banjup Quarry redevelopment.

A number of submissions queried what was to be done about roads, considering the congestion residents already face every day.

In the report, Cockburn Council said they would be calling on Stockland to contribute to the upgrade of Jandakot Road and Solomon Road to accommodate the estimated 4700 new residents who will call the area home.

That figure is expected to filter in over a 10-year period.

‘It is the City’s position that upgrades to Jandakot and Solomon roads by the developer be secured in a timely manner to ensure the effective management of additional traffic generated by the development,’ the report says.

Cockburn engineering director Michael Littleton said an agreement was not far off.

‘Both parties are working towards an agreement,’ he said after council agreed to approve the Banjup Quarry Local Structure Plan on Thursday.

‘It’s in draft form and should be resolved in the near future.’

Stockland’s senior development manager Alf Lay said that an upgrade timeline and Stockland’s level of contribution would be better known when the two parties met to negotiate over the coming weeks.