Trial Wheeled Out

A THREE-bin system is set to be trialled in Hamilton Hill, a move the City says will reduce landfill and make it easier for green waste to be turned into quality mulch.

Starting in October, 1200 properties will receive a 240-litre lime-green bin for green waste, keep their yellow recycling bin and receive a 140-litre red bin for general rubbish.

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the City had been considering the trial for some time.

�We are in that space where we need to ensure that we work with our community to deliver a very effective recycling waste management service, but importantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill,� he said

�That�s one of the more critical aspects given the State Government�s move to continue to increase the landfill levy.

�That cost impost on our community can be significantly reduced by this particular trial.�

The City currently operates a two bin system.

Its 240-litre general waste bin is delivered to the South Metropolitan Regional Council�s Waste Composting Facility weekly, with 58 per cent of waste turned into compost.

The remaining 42 per cent is landfilled.

The City�s yellow-topped recycling bins are delivered to the SMRC�s Materials Recovery Facility, where 85 per cent is recovered and 15 per cent is landfilled.

Mr Howlett said removing green waste from the general waste bin would help with the recovery of uncontaminated materials for composting.

To help with the change the City will include an education campaign to help residents understand how to use all three bins correctly.

Mr Howlett was confident the community would embrace the change.

�I think people, particularly in this area, are focused on sustainability,� he said.

�It�s an initiative that�s right at source. It simplifies it.�

Hamilton Hill resident Roberta Leary said she was excited about the trial.

�It�s great, as long as everyone knows what they�re doing,� she said.

�The more we recycle the better.�

City-wide implementation will be considered once the 12-month trial is completed.

The trial is expected to cost $324,000. The City will seek funding from the Waste Authority for the trial but is capable of self-funding.

The exact trial area has not been locked in.