Underwater rubbish dump brought to light

PEOPLE throw some odd things into the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, as members of the Narc Dive Club�s annual land and underwater clean up found out recently.

Hauled up from the harbour water were five skip bins full of rubbish and enough tyres to equip more than 25 cars.

Narc Dive Club president Chris Dodd said tallying of the rubbish included more than 15,000 items picked out of the water and surrounding area, one of the biggest hauls volunteers had achieved in the five-year history of the clean up.

�This time the club set itself a challenge in the southern marina of the Fishing Boat Harbour, the largest area ever attempted,� he said.

�Volunteers who participated in the two-day event should feel proud that they have made the marine environment a cleaner one.�