University says fees may increase

As part of a deregulation of the tertiary education sector, universities will be able to decide how much they will charge students for degrees, while students will also be forced to repay their study debt earlier.

University of Notre Dame vice-chancellor Celia Hammond said she welcomed the changes to higher education announced in the Budget, even though some changes would mean an increase in student fees.

‘The University of Notre Dame Australia welcomes the key structural reforms to higher education, particularly the opening up of government subsidies to all registered higher education providers and the deregulation of fees,’ she said.

‘We believe that these measures will enhance competition and increase choice for students.

‘Given that the Government will be reducing its subsidy for courses by approximately 20 per cent from 2016, it is likely that UNDA will raise its student fees.

‘The extent to which fees are raised, and in which courses, will be something which we will consider very carefully.’

Fremantle MHR Melissa Parke said it was a Budget of broken promises.

‘This Budget delivers economic pain to those who can least bear it, while attacking the foundation of Australia’s social compact,’ she said. ‘Australia’s future has been sacrificed in the name of a false ’emergency’, and the revenue gap is being bridged on the backs of the poor.’