Vaccine a shot in the arm for staff

With the colder weather setting in and the customary sniffles starting up, FHHS executive director David Blythe is urging locals to follow in the hospital staff�s footsteps and get their flu vaccination.

�Influenza can be a serious illness so it�s particularly important for the elderly, pregnant women and people with underlying medical conditions to be vaccinated,� he said.

Dr Blythe said being sick with the flu could have an effect on unexpected hospital stays or scheduled surgeries.

�Patients need to be fit and well to undergo surgery and there�s nothing more disappointing for a patient than to have their surgery cancelled and rescheduled for a later date due to illness,� he said.

�Often you can�t predict when you�re going to require hospitalisation or surgery, so it�s ideal to stay fit and well all-year round and the flu vaccination gives you the best chance of doing just that.�