VIDEO: Porsche takes a swim off Woodman Point

VIDEO: Porsche takes a swim off Woodman Point

A Porsche ended up in the drink while trying to launch a jetski off the Woodman Point boat ramp today.

Perth Boat School posted the video on Facebook with the caption – “Saw this happen to a Porsche today at Woodman point while we were doing liferaft training. Thought it would be a good time to say that we can also train people how to launch boats … if you need help, just ask.”

The Porsche Cayenne retails for more than $100,000 brand new.

The comments on Facebook were not kind to the errant driver.

“Some western suburbs private schoolboy is going to have some awkward explaining to do to Papa about what happened to the Porsche,” one person wrote.

“If only money could buy some common sense,” another person added. 

“So did they pass their skippers ticket?” another commenter wrote.