Visually impaired get a boost to enjoy arts

Access All Arts program co-ordinator Jacque Homer.
Access All Arts program co-ordinator Jacque Homer.

The year-long program gives blind and vision impaired people the chance to better enjoy arts and cultural activities through audio description tours.

Upcoming Spare Parts shows The Little Prince and Splat have been incorporated into the program, as well as the Fremantle Festival Parade and three Fremantle Street Arts Festival shows.

DADAA executive director David Doyle said the program followed on from the tactile tours DADAA have held at Sculpture by the Sea.

“Over five years DADAA’s Tactile Tours had over 400 people with a huge range of disabilities finally get hands-on access to some of the finest contemporary sculpture that we see here in WA,” he said.

“What DADAA’s team discovered was a huge untapped, under supported market of people with a disability who are a passionate and hungry audience of and for the arts.

“The audio describer familiarise themselves with the performance, prepares scripting of the key narrations and delivers the description via the personal headset.

“The participant sits in the audience and experiences the performance.”