Voice giudes through dark times

Singer Nez Erok.
Singer Nez Erok.

‘The powerlessness I felt when growing up was used as a catalyst to find my voice,’ she said.

‘By penning lyrics and singing it was my way of speaking out against any form of repression or abuse.’

Erok’s latest single Beautiful is accompanied by an award-winning video that shines a spotlight on domestic violence.

According to Nez, writing the song was a difficult process.

‘The lyrics took many attempts. They invite the listener to come on a journey with me as I prevail over strict oppression. The exposed lyrics resonate with people from all walks of life who have endured or who are going through personal struggle,’ she said.

‘Writing the song required me going to a dark and vulnerable place. The finished work, which took six months to complete, is a beautiful voyage of healing toward optimism and self-belief.’

It is this belief says Nez that she instils in her young daughter, who symbolically features in the closing of the track.

‘My writing and music has always been a part of me although having a child allowed me to connect with my own inner child. Feeling that love you feel for a child allowed my own love for myself to develop. How could a child so beautiful be unlovable? How could a child so innocent be so unworthy?

‘I included my own beautiful daughter in the ending of the song, the harmonies of the song and in the video clip as a representation of my own inner child.’

The track hit the top 20 underground music charts the first week it was released, reaching number 12 among millions of other songs.

We predict Nez’s star will continue to rise in 2014. The team at the Fremantle-Cockburn Gazette and the Melville Times wish our readers and advertisers all the best for a prosperous year ahead.