Volunteer suprised at mess

Fremantle resident Mary Verstegen said she was a regular visitor to South Beach and Bathers Beach, and the amount of rubbish and cigarette butts on the beach and grassed areas of both beaches was worrying.

‘There were two badly overflowing bins at the rear of the Kidogo building at Bathers Beach, the sand was littered with cigarette butts, bottles and cans, bottle tops, plastic cutlery and spoons,’ she said.

‘The Norfolk Island Tree Gardens were covered by cigarette butts, bottle tops and black plastic ties.’

She said a concern was the amount of rubbish that was left behind after the Sunset Food Markets on Bathers Beach every Saturday night and that the implementation of a ‘cash for containers’ scheme could be beneficial to all like-sized events.

‘Quite obviously the volume of people at the Sunset Market needs a skip-bin sized bin, not two residential-sized bins only,’ she said.

‘If vendors gave cash refunds for glass and cans, they would not be found deposited on the sand. South Australia has an overwhelmingly successful Cash for Containers scheme.’

Sunset Food Markets organiser Georgie Adeane said they made a concerted effort to clean the site each week, hiring 20 council bins per Saturday night and that there were inspections on Sunday morning to collect any rubbish left behind.

She said the large increase in the number of people visiting Fremantle over the past few weeks for events such as Laneway, Fremantle Carnevale and the Chilli Festival would inevitably see an increase in rubbish.