Wait times among the worst

The local hospital ranked 47th out of 49 hospitals for wait times for malignant bowel cancer surgery, with only 52 per cent of patients receiving surgery within 30 days.

The report logged patient wait times for hospital on the three most common cancer surgeries ” bowel, breast and lung.

A Fremantle Hospital spokesperson said since 2012 the hospital had reported improved waiting times.

‘Fremantle Hospital has reviewed resources, procedures and processes to ensure smooth and timely delivery of services,’ she said.

‘This has included the redesign of internal processes to improve the efficient allocation of patients on surgical waitlists to available surgical capacity according to the urgency of their surgery.

‘While Fremantle Hospital endeavours to treat all patients within the clinically recommended timeframes, there are occasions where a small number of patients may wait longer than 30 days.’

Fremantle Hospital and Health Service executive director David Blythe said the current wait time for 2012-13 showed 90.5 per cent of bowel cancer patients received surgery within the clinically recommended 30 days.

Greens health spokeswoman Lynn MacLaren said the hospital needed State Government intervention to turn around the waiting times.

‘The Government should identify the reasons for these long waiting lists and address them,’ she said.

‘Early intervention in bowel cancer is a life-saver; a patient’s long term well-being may be at risk if treatment is delayed.’