War camp for heritage list

Not much is known about the temporary camp, located across the road from Native Arc on Hope Road.

The camp is understood to have housed the Australian Women�s Army Service (AWAS).

A tour of the site last week revealed remnants from an old shower block, toilets and pathways left to the elements for decades.

With the size and history of the camp still largely unknown, and it�s proximity to the Roe Highway extension through the wetlands, Bibra Lake Residents Association president Christine Cooper said she was on the hunt for answers.

�Even if it wasn�t an area close to Roe 8 I would still push for it to be a heritage site,� she said.

�Understanding the site and recognising the role women played to defend our country is important.

Cockburn Councillor Phil Eva said he was committed to learn more.

�This is a fantastic piece of Cockburn heritage, a unique piece of history. Their commitment and sacrifice should not be forgotten. I�m hoping that it can be investigated and hopefully listed on the Cockburn heritage registry,� he said.

�It would be fantastic to clear a part of the vegetation and see what lies beneath.�

Ms Cooper is inquiring with war memorials, museums, RSLs and council to see what she can dig up.

Anyone with information can contact the association on bibralake@cockburncommunity.asn.au.