Water spouts common

Water spouts common

The bureau’s media and communications manager Neil Bennett told the Gazette last week that water spouts, caused by different wind speeds at different heights, are actually quite common.

Mr Bennett said that while it was difficult to calculate an exact figure, it would be normal to see at least one a month.

‘Water spouts are actually quite common for Western Australia’s coastal strip,’ he said.

‘The unusual aspect was that it came on to land and created the damage that it did. It looks like it formed just off the shoreline and was pushed inland by strong winds.’

Mr Bennett warned that boats and yachts needed to be careful when out on the ocean.

‘Any column of air that can pick things up from the ground is obviously pretty dangerous, so caution needs to be taken. Boaties and yachties should give them a wide berth.’

Two men taken to Royal Perth Hospital with suspected head and spinal injuries are in a stable condition.