Why candidates rejected merger

The pair said the move was not made to differentiate themselves from current Mayor Logan Howlett, who voted in favour of the proposal, ahead of the local government elections.

‘What I moved (on September 19) was solely in the best interests for the long suffering Cockburn ratepayer,’ said Councillor Allen.

‘I just think some of these people are big-noting themselves in the eyes of the Premier and Minister.

‘I’m not here to represent the State Government’s political goals. I’m here to represent the Cockburn ratepayer.’

Ms Reeve-Fowkes said anyone who had read all the facts would agree the City would be worse off under amalgamation.

‘Having read the report very thoroughly, if Cockburn is forced into amalgamation we will end up with debts on the balance sheet not incurred by the City of Cockburn and also likely incur costs of $7.5 million dollars,’ she said.

‘I do not support anything that will make our City worse off and I am astonished that the vote to amalgamate was 5/4 and I would urge voters to ask how candidates voted.’

Mayor Logan Howlett said he was surprised at how council voted, considering what he saw as informal support from all elected members for amalgamation.

‘Cockburn is now in unchartered waters and we will need to be cognisant and responsive to any new game plan by our adjoining local governments,’ he said.