Work-for-free day for Nepal at cafe

It is a natural disaster that has hit home hard for those at the Pickled Fig, who have three staff members from Nepal.

This Friday, everyone working at the cafe will be doing so for free, with every dollar earned at the till to be donated to those affected by the earthquake.

Fig group co-owner Russel Morris said it was the team who came to the owners looking for a way to support the cause.

�We suggested a work-for- free day and everybody instantly jumped on board,� he said.

�They were really excited about every cent coming through the door being sent to those who need it.

�Having people from Nepal in-house makes the situation very real.

�When you hear about people who have lost their houses and they can�t even obtain tents to sleep in a park, we had to do something,� Mr Morris said.

Staff are hoping to raise $6000 on the day and are encouraging locals to head down for a coffee or a meal on May 22.