Work on Omeo wreck dive trail begins

Birdseye shot of the Omeo wreck at Port Coogee.
Birdseye shot of the Omeo wreck at Port Coogee.

WORK to turn a century old shipwreck into a new dive trail has begun.

In May it was announced the Omeo wreck, just 25m from the beach, would anchor a refreshed dive spot at Port Coogee.

The trail will feature about 30 new reefs, underwater sculptures and educational signage for divers.

A land-based pathway with artefacts and a new viewing area will also be built for those keen to glimpse the wreck without getting wet.

Work was to begin last week but bad weather hampered those efforts.

A sunnier outlook has the City of Cockburn optimistic work will be able to take place over the coming days.

The project is being developed by the City of Cockburn in partnership with the WA Museum, Murdoch University Divers Club and Perth NRM.

The trail is expected to officially open next summer.