Wrong crossing used for trial

The yellow box at the junction of Tydeman Road and Queen Victoria Street.
The yellow box at the junction of Tydeman Road and Queen Victoria Street.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder announced last week that yellow box junctions would be trialled at four intersections across the metropolitan area as part of the Main Roads Traffic Congestion Management Program, including the intersection of Queen Victoria Street and Tydeman Road in North Fremantle.

The initiative has a yellow box painted on the road as a cue to motorists not to enter the marked area unless they are clear to leave the intersection.

However North Fremantle Community Association convenor Gerard MacGill said the intersection of Tydeman Road and Stirling Highway should have been the one selected for the trial.

“My experience is that there has not been a big problem at the Tydeman/Queen Victoria intersection,” he said.

“Much more commonly the Tydeman/Stirling intersection can be blocked as trucks head in on the amber and encounter the blockage on the bridge.”

A Main Roads spokeswoman said the trial aimed to get the most out of WA’s current infrastructure by looking at the world’s best practices and implementing successful ones.

“Sites were selected based on knowledge of existing problem areas and to capture a variety of vehicle types, volumes and intersection configurations,” she said.

“Queen Victoria – Tydeman Road has a lot of heavy vehicle traffic and this site will assist in identifying potential maintenance issues as well as the yellow box impact on traffic flow.

“Before and after video surveys will be used to determine if driver behaviour has improved.”

Visit mainroads.wa.gov.au for more information.