Accept Offer: Roe 8

ANOTHER failed thought bubble hey Mr Reddyhough (None so blind, Gazette, February 9), but for goodness sake don’t get your mother to explain yourself.

In regards to the Narrows duplication, did it solve our congestion? No. Do we still have traffic congestion on weekdays? Yes.

So how has it helped with congestion Jim? As you admitted, “increasing traffic filled both bridges up”. Meaning it invited more vehicles into the area it was supposed to fix. Roe 8 is another replica of the Narrows.

Diverting and NOT actually removing vehicles is a blatant lie by the State Government claiming 5000 vehicles are being removed.

If Mr Reddyhough would accept my offer of meeting me at the corner of Stock Road and Leach Highway on any workday afternoon, he can see with his own eyes the congestion that already exists.

If you think Roe 8 is such a great idea Jim, ask to have the damn thing built near your house and I guarantee you will wake up to massive waste of money it is, that will do nothing but increase traffic in someone else’s suburb.

How is that solving congestion?

MARIO NARDI, Bibra Lake.