Answers sought

MR Barnett’s comments that the National Party’s opinion on local government amalgamations was irrelevant as this matter is not being legislated identified the real cause of so much concern among voters.

This raises some questions to which many of us would like some answers.

Why is it not being put forward for legislation and why is it not being put to a referendum?

Why are the thousands of submissions sent from the City of Cockburn and other areas to the Local Government Advisory Board being ignored?

Why is the board not asking these questions?

Why has the National Party not been more vocal on this issue before now? Did its members really think this was not going to be applied statewide?

In addition, why have we heard so little about this from the Labor Party? Apparently, one Member did make an appearance at Bibra Lake to discuss this with voters, but it was so low-key and under-advertised most of us did not hear about it until weeks afterwards.

How many more advisory boards will Mr Barnett be creating to rubber stamp his every little whim, thus bypassing the voters and denying elected MPs of the other political parties the opportunity to represent their constituents?

Perhaps the next election will give us the opportunity to rid ourselves of this petty despot and get back to having a democracy.

Leave local government areas as they are please, Mr Barnett.

JAN DE GROOTE, Hamilton Hill