Beach address

ONE of the issues that has not been canvassed regarding council mergers or rearrangements is how many ratepayers are in favour of rearranging the boundaries of the different authorities.

A good example is Cockburn council where the mayor and councillors respond to information requests from ratepayers.

However, the interests of ratepayers are totally overlooked in favour of potentially large developments promising huge increases in rates to councils.

An example is the large development on Rollinson Road. The size has increased dramatically without letting any neighbours aware.

It is also an ugly development, not at all in keeping with the surrounding area.

Requests from individuals to be allowed face brick on their houses are refused as a matter of course. However, this development is more than half face brick of an ugly finish.

No effort was made to engage with local ratepayers or neighbours.

Other ratepayers I have spoken to would much prefer to be part of the City of Fremantle. We may have common sense applied to the naming of this local area.

It is called North Coogee, but a common question is ‘where is North Coogee?’

It should have been left as South Beach. The answer to the previous question is always ‘it was once South Beach’ and that answer is always understood.

G.A.D Clarkson, North Coogee