Benefit’s Not Mentioned: Roe 8

STEVE Portelli (Facts clear, Gazette, March 22) just does not get it. Roe 8 will not solve traffic congestion.

The second half of the project has not even been decided on how to get vehicles to their intended destination.

Who forces an expensive, incomplete project on to the people, although it was rejected through the courts?

A Government that is not listening and is too pig headed to understand it will not ease congestion in the short or long term.

Cr Portelli mentions “numerous other benefits”, yet does not mention any.

On the other hand, the issues are endless and costly: the destruction of wetlands, no through roads, vehicles diverting away from Roe 8, including the very trucks Cr Portelli claims will be removed from our roads to avoid paying the toll, family homes lost, extra vehicles forced into other suburbs, issues with crossing Roe 8 – if at all.

Think ahead councillor and the issues of today will still be the same issues of tomorrow, just 20 years on, with bigger congestion issues.

You will be long gone and forgotten by then, leaving a bigger congestion legacy. No thanks…

MARIO NARDI, Bibra Lake.