Bustling and bountiful in Freo

WHAT a lovely surprise it was last Saturday night as I walked through Kings Square with my husband on our way to eat in Fremantle.

There were people everywhere; the usual groups of people playing table tennis but also young bands playing some great music, food stalls, an art exhibition and a general air of fun, enthusiasm and optimism.

It was good to see. I discovered it was yet again another project from the fantastic team in the Community Development section at the City of Fremantle helping to celebrate Youth Week.

I have been fortunate enough to take part in some of Community Development’s organised Active Ageing free courses and activities over the years and it is lovely to see the youth of the city taking part in free activities too.

I have had visitors staying with me from Sydney and the Gold Coast and they are all very envious of our lifestyle here in Freo and just can’t believe all the free activities, courses, concerts and so forth that are available to us in Freo.

They are amazed when I tell them that there are still some people in Fremantle who like to complain about our council.

Keep up the good work City of Freo, mayor, councillors and staff: there are a lot of us who do appreciate all you do in helping to make this such a great place to live, work and play. Thank you.

Pat Winnacott, Fremantle