Call to MP

I MUST register disappointment in my Fremantle local MP Simone McGurk’s recent newsletter. It was a total waste of taxpayers’ money.

What I want to read from my MP is what she has actually done for Fremantle people since winning the seat.

Now that would save taxpayers’ money because there is not enough data to fill a newsletter.

Seniors receive many benefits from the Government. The savings can be found in a booklet than can be obtained by visiting the website, which lists all the assistance available to seniors.

The new discount directory will be available this month from many outlets such as community centres, libraries and council offices.

Simone should realise that seniors are enabling her generation to get ahead.

Easy low interest for first-home buyers has affected bank returns for seniors.

Inconvenience in parking, driving and detours due to road maintenance are all caused by WA’s increased population and youngsters who can afford, and expect to have, a vehicle as soon as possible.

The expectations of the young are affecting seniors’ comfort zones, not the Government.

Come on Simone; in football terms become a ball getter.

Stop playing the man and tell us what you have done.


East Fremantle