Campervans are fine

There are hundreds of campervans travelling around Australia, many driven by overseas tourists, and many Australians chose this way to see our great country.

It is hard to find a safe place to park overnight; most caravan parks are full of permanent residents.

You can be sure if a campervan parks overnight in a car park, the ranger will move them on.

Most campervans are self-contained and occupied by responsible people because it is not cheap to hire or buy one.

Let’s not forget we are trying to encourage tourism; a person in a campervan could spend as much if not more than a cruise ship passenger.

Why don’t all councils in WA designate places where campervans can park overnight?

I spent 12 months touring America in a campervan, where for a small fee you could park overnight in a national park.

Shopping centre car parks had signs with the words ‘overnight parking of campervans welcome’.

I used these car parks a lot and did the shopping there too.

Except for a couple of areas north of Perth miles from anywhere, where is there overnight camping?