Care spreads

THE full story has yet to be told of the report headlined ‘Beach carers back’ (Gazette, November 5) but for starters, the Friends of Coogee Beach are not confined to Coogee Beach itself.

We cover the beach from the boundary of our reserve (about Poore Grove) northwards to the South Fremantle border an overall distance of some 4.5 kilometres.

We are well known and appreciated by many users of the beach, especially at the South Fremantle border. We are an informal group and ‘members’ do not register or pay fees to the council.

We assist Cockburn council in doing what we pay rates for it to do, but which is simply beyond its capabilities.

To make matters worse, no councillor is interested in coming down to the beach, at our time, to discuss matters. Consequently, we are called a phantom group with no membership and no council funding.

Colin Crook, Spearwood