Case rested

IN response to two letters in last week’s edition, surely Mr Mario Nardi cannot believe that “Dynamo” is at work in Melville, making the trucks disappear.

Of course, the trucks will be diverted onto Roe 8 once it will be built, and a way of building Roe 9 will be devised, possibly using a tunnel.

In addition, someone should tell Mr Brad Capes that Roe 8 is not supposed to go to the Outer Harbour. It goes to Stock Road, and then from there it is hoped a tunnel will be dug to connect with Stirling Highway and the Port of Fremantle.

Both the above correspondents must have missed the following news report that congestion is costing Perth businesses big money with many employees spending too much time out on the road caught up in traffic on Perth’s choked up roads.

The congestion could cost the State $16 billion a year in lost productivity by 2031. I rest my case.