Cause for Worries: Roe 8

OVER the past few years, City of Cockburn councillor Steve Portelli has made a number of statements that should give cause for concern.

These include in September, 2011 “building Roe 8 could improve the Beeliar wetlands” followed by in December last year “sometimes the environment is compromised in the name of progress” after the Supreme Court ruling that the EPA breached its own guidelines.

His response was “maybe the simplest thing to do is to change the guidelines and give it discretion.” All very worrying.

As for calling anti-Roe 8 supporters a loud minority sprouting misinformation, Cr Portelli would be well aware of the growing groundswell of support for the anti-Roe 8 campaign, including an increasing number of Melville residents.

His latest announcement that if Roe 8 is not built “suburban roads will be doubled, even tripled and hundreds of trees will need to be felled”.

What about the 90 plus hectares of previous bushland that will be destroyed if it is built.

He goes on to say “Bibra Drive may have to be doubled if Roe 8 is not built”. This could be the case even if Roe 8 is built, as more vehicles could be channelled onto Bibra Drive.

The answer to all this is very obvious: start planning for the outer harbour, which is going to have to be built, and have heavy vehicles use Tonkin Highway and an east-west road to the coast, thus removing many of these trucks off suburban roads.

REX SALLUR, Bibra Lake