City council hamstrung

One of the consequences is the high rate of unimmunised children. Another is the influence they have over the city of Fremantle.

Development progress in Fremantle has been almost stagnant over the past 30 years. A walk around town on almost any business day will show all the main retailers have left; there are many empty shops and not enough people to support the remaining businesses.

The obsession with heritage and alternative lifestyle ideals has hamstrung the council in managing the city’s development and growth.

Under the State Government’s amalgamation proposal, my suburb of Coogee will come under the control of Fremantle.

My concern is that the future development of the Coogee coast will follow the same fate as Fremantle.

Planting a child’s placenta is not a biggie for me, but maintaining a strong and effective City of Cockburn is.