Claim unfair

It exists because neither Indonesia nor Australia seems to be able to shut down people smuggling. The illegals are mentally alert enough to manage without papers to come from Burma, Africa or the Middle East.

Corruption must be flourishing.

All base their status on a 50-year-old refugee convention conceptualised by a deeply flawed UN. Some UN members have no concepts of human rights themselves, let alone any presence of state.

We are not and should not be responsible for their violent, ethnic differences and internal bloodsheds. To claim we owe something to them is far-fetched and unfair.

Should we also be responsible for the one million victims generated right now in a two-year war inside Syria?

Will some humanitarian suggest that we take 100,000 Syrian children into Australia, while we receive already some 150 people a day into Perth?

How many of them are on bridging visas? What is wrong with charity beginning at home?

Ms Callaghan should indeed study the ALP’s K. Thompson’s population reform plan.