Comments galling

ON Tuesday, August 25 I attended a meeting at North Fremantle Community Centre convened to discuss the Perth Freight Link.

The Premier who, along with Professor Peter Newman, co-presented the meeting, empathised with the audience but was adamant the Roe 8 section of the link running between Kwinana Freeway and Stock Road and through the Beeliar Wetlands – �the Lungs of the South� – would go ahead.

On other aspects of the link, the so-called �Stage 2� he was less forthcoming.

Those under threat of losing their homes and residents concerned about air quality, loss of amenity and impact on local business must have found this galling.

With characteristic adroitness, the Premier emphasised that the PFL, though not perfect, was necessary in the pursuance of economic growth. Indeed.

What is evident is that 10 years of inactivity on the construction of the outer harbour has led us to this point and many residents are justifiably peeved at the seemingly last-minute ad hoc nature of this development foisted upon them.

I suppose it is a question of priorities.

Quays and stadiums might be intrinsic to the changing shape and nature of Perth but they are far less important than that of the substantive infrastructure development that should have been underway during the recent period of unparalleled economic growth.

One can only despair at the prospect of valuable public assets such as the Port being sold to finance such second-rate solutions.