Comments risible

I NOTE the misguided and ill-informed comments of John Smith (a few of them around) made on the web about the annexation of the 13 suburbs of Cockburn by the barely functional and avaricious Kwinana, the subjugation by the ‘gag-their-councillors Melville’ and sad and slow demise of Fremantle (a gracious old lady who is now past her glory days).

A grim prospect by any measure and one, by my reckoning, worth fighting to prevent, defy, deny and frustrate the undemocratic and ill-judged policy of the present State Government.

If John Smith is a Cockburn ratepayer, then he may well live to regret his risible comments when the cost of the carve-up is reflected in his rates notice and his valued (if he has any) services and facilities are plundered and pillaged to bail out less professionally managed councils.

In pollie talk, this is asset and cost shifting and cross subsidisation. In terms that we common folk understand, the successful and productive are shafted to prop up the incompetent and inefficient.

It rather warms your heart to see how government works for its own interests and not those of the people.