Cull unjustified

I attend, help with or organise rallies/protests opposing shark destruction and shark finning, live animal exports, horse racing, the fur industry, factory farming, circuses, rodeos, puppy farms, GM crops, fracking and I don’t use or wear any animal products.

If you want the logic behind the reason so many people who consume other animals and even shark from their fish and chip shops are showing up in their thousands at NoWAsharkcull rallies, I suggest it is because this policy is unjustified by any stretch of the imagination. It is targeting, catching and injuring no-threat sharks, and the bodies dumped.

It is also luring sharks closer to shore than they would normally be, thus increasing public risk.

And the Government is actively pursuing for the purpose of killing one internationally protected species with a status of vulnerable and two species with a status of near-threatened.

There’s no scientific or public safety justification and not even the justification of “at least they’re being eaten”.