Dogs’ heartbreaking end

If not for the tireless volunteers finding homes or fosters, there would be more unnecessary deaths.

I’m sick of backyard breeders playing god to breed a dog they think will fetch them a quick buck, and when that doesn’t happen, they throw them out onto the street.

Staffy crosses seem to be a large portion of these.

My dog was discarded like this.

We picked her up from the pound with the weekend separating her from death.

She had been mistreated, but with a lot of love, we earned her trust.

Animals are abandoned through no fault of their own.

I’m imploring the RSPCA to put pressure onto the Government to make breeders be registered and monitored closely, and also force the sterilisation of cats and dogs that are not registered as breeding animals.

Punishments against cruelty and neglect should be tougher and life bans in place immediately, with no second and third chances. They don’t deserve it.

I’m sick of soft or no penalties for animal cruelty.

Anyone who is cruel to an animal is a coward and can’t be trusted.

Humans are supposed to be caretakers of this earth and I’m ashamed to say that for the better part, we are doing a lousy job.

Cheers to all volunteers and anyone who takes on an abandoned or neglected animal. You keep my faith in humanity alive.