Environment raped

There used to be plenty of land and dozens of market gardens in which people toiled all day in all types of weather.

We used to see eagles and other birds of prey gliding over looking for their next meal: a rabbit, snake, frog, lizard and so forth.

That has all gone. We have raped the land and destroyed their homes.

We have built our little dog boxes that we call home so close together that they look like duplexes.

Once we have cleared everything and left only sand, then we pack those boxes on top.

Then we hide inside with our wide-screen televisions and that is how our children will see what we used to have just outside the front door.

I think we have forgotten what the word karma means: whatever you do to others will come back to you, be it good for good or bad for bad.

Moreover, karma doesn’t excuse itself when it comes to the environment.

What we have done in that respect is just as harmful. For every tree we remove, it will have an effect on our being.

For the homes we have taken from all of God’s creatures and the fact that we did not leave them something’