Exclusion a ‘con job’

However, I have just had it confirmed that the scheme as currently envisaged does not cover people who become disabled after reaching the age of 65.

It is self-evident that many people over 65 will be unfortunate enough to suffer a stroke, become blind or deaf, have a bone degenerative disease, dementia or broken hips from falls.

There is no other safety net available to them and yet the proposed legislation denies them cover on the basis of age, at a time when they can least find the money to pay for the care they will need.

It is understandable that our Premier is reluctant to sign up to the national system as WA’s scheme is already superior and has no age exclusions.

Those among us who are over 65 are entitled to be outraged by this ‘con job’ as, having paid our taxes we are excluded, while many who have never paid tax will qualify.

All who qualify should be covered regardless of age.


Halls Head.