Facts are Clear: Roe 8

REX Sallur, go fetch some facts (Cause for worry, Gazette, March 15).

Start with the District Traffic Study 2013 commissioned by the City of Cockburn where it clearly shows the benefits of Roe 8; then the latest officers’ report of the August 2015 ordinary council meeting.

Smoke and mirrors again referring to the outer harbour; Cockburn is the destination for 35,000 to 50,000 vehicles a day, not Freo harbour, not the proposed outer harbour, it is Cockburn.

Double this and that is the daily traffic movements going off our local roads to use Roe 8.

Rethink your thinking or maybe just get informed and have a think.

Yes, Roe 8 will affect the fringes of the wetlands. However, it will have less environmental impacts with it built, amongst numerous other benefits.

Think about the rat runs running east-west now: Farrington Road, Bibra Drive, North Lake Road, Berrigan Drive, Beeliar Drive, Discovery Drive and other minor roads; they will have huge reductions in traffic.

Farrington Road 50,000 vehicles fewer each day, Bibra Drive 10,000 fewer and North Lake Road 35,000 fewer a day.

Now just think about those last three roads mentioned.

Without Roe 8 they will need t be upgraded with extra lanes. With Roe 8, they will not.


Aubin Grove.