Failed thinking

‘Decades’ ago is an important point: to this day it still has not been implemented. Why is that?

Objections continue to rise from the public, senators and people more qualified than Mr Portelli.

Thinking that building concrete and bitumen monstrosities that go nowhere, divert traffic from one area to another without removing the amount of traffic on the roads does nothing to ease congestion.

Did duplicating the Narrows ease morning standstills? Did adding another lane on the freeway remove the kilometres of cars sitting idle coming home in the evening?

When local roadworks occur in residential streets and cars are diverted to another street, what happens?

Traffic builds up in the street into which those vehicles are diverted.

I believe the same will occur if Roe 8 is built because vehicles use needs to be reduced for any benefit to occur.

Building road after road to ease congestion is old-school thinking that does not work; history has shown that.