Fears unheeded

AMONG others, I am seriously concerned that Fremantle council has failed to answer Martin Lee�s concerns about the costing of the Kings Square project.

It has not specifically addressed his concerns over a long period. Now it appears council officers and elected members are definitely attempting to skew his efforts as being against the project.

I have read Mr Lee�s documents and nowhere does he say anything against the project itself.

My problem is that the project is so expensive that to pay for it we, the residents and ratepayers of Fremantle, will sell valuable assets and incur higher rates to pay for it.

The losses include sale of the Samson Recreation Centre and the Leisure Centre parking area.

It is unfortunate the council prefers to stigmatise a ratepayer because he asked a relevant question. It likes community input provided it supports its point of view. It fails to support community facilities and tends to lease out what we do have.

MARION BLAIR, Beaconfield.