Flyer annoys

I assume it refers to Australia’s asylum seekers and refugees seeking a basic humanitarian right to live without persecution or fear of losing their lives in their home country.

It was authorised by Liberal Senator David Johnston.

I was offended and annoyed on three levels.

I expect that mail addressed to me finds its way into my letterbox. However, when I start getting junk mail flyers in my letterbox, which is labelled with a no junk mail plaque, that is when I get annoyed.

During the recent State election, the only junk mail I got was from the Liberals. All other parties respected my wishes not to have junk mail delivered (which my neighbours with no such label on their letterbox received).

This reinforces my belief that the Liberals have little respect for people’s wishes and, much more importantly, respect for our environment.

None of their propaganda was printed on recycled paper.

But I was really astounded to find that they used the colours of the Aboriginal flag on the flyer to convince people that we should keep refugees and asylum seekers out of our country because of the alleged cost.

How dare we, immigrants to this country, use the symbols of the traditional owners to argue a case against other immigrants who simply seek a life without persecution?

We are a generous and kind people.

Liberals ” what you have done is deplorable.