Ghastly detour

IT�S not true to say that Roe 8 will take the trucks off Leach Highway� that�s a laugh.

It diverts them briefly down a long detour through the Beeliar Wetlands and our quiet suburbs then to inject them back up into Leach Highway for the last leg to Fremantle port.

This ghastly detour will destroy our peace and quiet, relatively safe roads and take out some Palmyra homes.

The Curtin University Sustainability Institute costed the project and judged it a massive waste of taxpayers� money that should be spent on better alternatives such as freight to rail to take the trucks off the roads of concern and on the outer port that is planned for Kwinana.

That will make Roe 8 redundant; therefore, why persist with Roe 8?

Our insane addiction to building roads has been labelled a weird obsession by international transport consultant Enrique Penalosa.

He says it is the opposite of what is happening in the rest of the developed world.

Does this make us look like idiots as well as environmental vandals?

BRAD CAPES, Coolbellup.