Great day for dogs

Greyhounds are affectionate, lazy and easy going, and are becoming much more popular as pet dogs.

Unfortunately, until now WA has demanded that these gentle creatures be muzzled in public, as they were viewed as a commodity not a pet.

The new amendments help WA catch up with the US, UK, and rest of Australia in accepting greyhounds as an ordinary dog and allowing them to go without a muzzle.

My own greyhound successfully breezed through her assessment this week and is now legally allowed out un-muzzled. If you see a greyhound with a muzzle on, please remember it is not because it is aggressive; it simply hasn’t been assessed yet or may be in foster care waiting for a home of its own.

Greyhounds really do make wonderful pets, and hopefully these new laws may encourage more people to give a greyhound a home.