Hanssen bias shocking

The Chamber of Commerce debate was not a debate.

One could not hear Mr Hanssen’s comments due to derisive unchecked abuse when he spoke, whereas the mayor was given free rein, as both should have been.

The FRRA meeting was well run, with heated arguments, but kept in check so everyone got a say, and no-one resorted to name-calling.

It is unfortunate Mr Hanssen chose not to attend the other meeting, but if he was not going to get a fair go, understandable. There are further forums to attend.

Being a Labor city, and reading many of the ‘posts’ and hearing the abuse, it seems it is merely because Mr Hanssen is a Liberal politician, rather than if he would be a good mayor or not.

An experienced and successful businessman against a very pleasant, good-looking Green academic.

In this case, the Greens backers seem to see red rather than allow decent interaction between two good contenders.