Harken ye all

HERE is the Prophecy of Roe 8 and 9.

�And so it will shortly come to pass that a Wise Man will travel from the East to meet with King Colin of the West, bringing tidings of Great Comfort and Joy at Christmas.

�The Great Road shall be built, removing Accidents, Congestion and Pollution, improving House Prices and saving Cockburn Sound from the Devil�s Hand of Environmental Destruction.

�Cain will say unto his Mayor that no longer can Cockburn hide their Secret Report from the People, nor bear False Witness about the Environmental Damage to gain their 30 pieces of Silver.

�The people will know that The Road is Good.

�In the court of Ludlum the money hast been cast on rocky soil and his Tribes of Lost Sheep will see they have been misled and will need to Rethink the Link as they will no longer have anything to Protest.

�Nalder will be anointed and people will worship him and the Mayor of Melville and his Twelve Disciples for they have Spoken the Truth and they have saved Lives, the sensitive Cockburn Sound, Houses, Jobs and Businesses, and Safety.

�Good Health and a Merry Christmas will reign for all the People across the Region.�