Hasten election

THE tunnel that Mr Barnett and Mr Nalder say is going to save lives is in fact a tunnel going nowhere.

It is not going to reach Fremantle Port but will create another big bottleneck at Stirling Highway and High Street.

It is going to remove trucks off local road: maybe it will but with so many trucks using the tunnel where are all the diesel fumes going to go?

Probably through extraction fans and the fumes will go right into the nearby houses, lake and parks.

Everything the Government and others say are forecasts only and there is no evidence published.

Premier Barnett only wants the money from the Federal Government so he can put it into consolidated revenue and make his budget figures look good.

Unless the WA Labor Opposition agrees to the tunnel then it cannot begin because Mr McGowan has stated his government would prefer to see the Roe 8 go to Kwinana Outer Harbour.

Even the period for the sale or upgrade of Fremantle Port is changing every day just like the weather.

Let the community have their say about what they want to happen now and bring forward the election to stop this grab for attention of Premier Barnett, Mr Nalder and Dr Nahan.