Heed not hysteria

I WRITE as both a long-term local resident and an experienced transport and environmental consultant concerned that the public is being seriously misled by ill-informed and misguided political and green activism in connection with the Perth Freight Link.

Western Australia is one of the greatest trading provinces in the world. With just 11 per cent of Australia’s population, we are responsible for more than 40 per cent of Australia’s merchandise exports.

The WA brand of efficiency, can-do expertise and professionalism we should all be so proud of shows up not only in our resources and agricultural industries but also in the superb planning and operation of our roads, railways, ports and public transport.

We should have every confidence in this same professionalism that is now directed at ensuring the State’s heavy freight needs are properly served.

We should not be deceived that the Outer Harbour will in any way ever replace the present Inner Harbour.

The Outer Harbour environmental planning and approvals alone will make the seven long years it took for approval for the freight link look like a Sunday school picnic.

With the project providing $2.60 worth of benefits for every dollar invested and the Commonwealth offering to contribute more than 60 per cent of $1.9 billion cost, the PFL represents a marvellous investment for WA.

We should think twice before heeding hysteria peddled by misguided and ill-informed green activists and local officials whose expertise in delivering municipal services does not extend to planning, funding and constructing world-class heavy freight links.


East Fremantle.